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Garage Compressors

You may know what you need, or you may be unsure of your specific air compressor requirements. Whatever you need an air compressor for and whatever your workshop and garage needs are, we at A1 Garage Equipment Ltd can provide, install and maintain your air compressors and are happy to help with any technical information and questions you may have in respect of your requirements.

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What to look for when choosing a compressor

What are you using it for? You will need a higher powered compressor to power heavy duty tools and machinery than to inflate tyres and for small tools. CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). CFM measures volume of air flow. Consult one of our professional technicians for a breakdown of how to assess your required CFM. HP/PSI. Higher HP (Horse Power) compressors provide greater PSI. This is more effective for industrial purposes. Usage & Portability. Are you going to be using the compressor regularily and for extended periods? Will you need the compressor to be portable? Smaller portable compressors are by definition, less powerful and will be effective for a lower timescale before needing charging, however they do save on space and can be versatile. Power Source. Do you have a constant power source at your disposal and within a convenient distance at all times? A constant electricity supply is essential for high powered and continually used air compressors.

Tips when purchasing an air compressor

  • Aim to purchase a compressor which is of a higher power and rating than you require.
  • Remember where you are storing the compressor. The hose length will need to be able to reach your working environment and you will need space to store the unit.
  • Only veer towards portable options if your requirements are that portability is essential as the power and effectiveness of portable compressors is far less than those with a constant effective power supply.
  • Oil free compressors are noisier than oil lubricated compressors in addition to not lasting as long.
  • Oil free compressors deliver purer air than oil lubricated compressors.
  • Always compile and work out your requirements prior to purchasing a compressor. Choosing the wrong compressor can greatly effect your business productivity and the effectiveness of the service you provide - ask a professional if you are unsure of what you need. A1 Garage Equipment Ltd technicians are always willing to help.

Type of air compressor

There are essentially three main types of air compressor used within a garage or workshop environment. Piston type compressors, Screw type air compressors and portable compressors.

Piston type compressors

Piston type air compressors have a motor which builds up air pressure. They store air in compressed air tanks. There are two types of piston air compressors. Single stage compressors which use only one piston and two stage compressors which use two pistons. A single stage piston air compressor reaches around 150 psi and is adequate for moderate use, whereas a two stage piston compressor reaches 200 psi and is more suitable for insustrial, high use & high power operations.

Screw type compressors

A screw type air compressor, powered by gas and using a rotary mechanism like a screw. These compressors are mostly used inworkshops and commercial businesses where large volumes of high pressure air is needed and with a constant feed.

Portable compressors

Portable compressors are lightweigh and easy to move as their name indicates. They are are less powerful because of their portability and are designed for less intensive use. Portable compressors are viable for small inflation jobs, glue guns, spray guns and other small non continuous applications.

Our compressors

Compressors provided and installed by A1 Garage Equipment Ltd are all high quality, energy efficient and environmentally safe systems. We strive to install and maintain low maintenance and reliable air compressors and co-ordinating garage equipment which are chosen in conjunction with you to provide optimum performance and durability for theworking environment and requirements that your workshop needs. For further information on the types, specifications, installation or maintenance of all your air compressor needs, please do not hesitate to call one of our professional technicians who will be happy to help you in your choices and answer all of your technical and service related questions.

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