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Garage Equipment Insurance Approved Repairs

Our team of technicians are trained professionals with many years experience working closely with insurance inspectors to carry out high standard insurance repairs on your garage equipment . Our expert knowledge ensures that all work is carried out with as little 'down time' and as little fuss as possible.
insurance approved garage equipment repairs

Your right to choose who does your garage equipment repairs

Insurance companies will always encourage you to have your repairs carried out at a business of their choice from an approved list of repairers. This list is compiled by the insurance company and comprises of dealerships and repair establishments which work with them through an approved repairer scheme. Using their own network of repairers enables insurance companies to save money and keep their costs down. You however have the ultimate say in who does your repairs. The Office of Fair Trading states that it is your right to chose the repairer of your equipment following a claim on your insurance policy and you are not obliged to use repairers advised or offered by your insurance company. Chosing the right professionals for the job is your choice. We at A1 Garage Equipment Ltd, provide first class, unrivalled insurance repairs , using the best parts available to us and and at a cost effective price.

Our garage equipment repairs

A1 Garage Equipment Ltd carry our insurance repairs on all of your garage equipment and parts. Vehicle Lifts and Ramps, Compressors, Wheel balancers, Tyre changers and more...... Regardless of the size and how established your business is, we will treat your insurance repairs with the same amount of vigor and importance.

We serve, commercial dealerships, independent garages, start up businesses, colleges, equipment installers and distributers alike with a list of steady business and testimonials. As a leading supplier and distributer of affordable, professional garage equipment, we are facilitated with a large 'off the shelf availability' of accessible replacement parts and products which help us to carry our your insurance repairs quickly, efficiently and with the least disruption to you and your business..saving you money, time and loss of business. We will provide and deal with all of thenecessary insurance paperwork linked to your insurance repairs.

We have many year experience dealing with insurance inspectors and are happy to liase with them regarding any garage equipment insurance repairs which we carry out. If you have a question regarding whether we are able to carry out insurance repairs on any particular piece of garage equipment, please speak to a member of our experienced team of technicians who will be happy to help you with any information you may need.

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